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CV-Writing. Some ‘rules’ debunked!

In this current age of economic meltdown, jobs are fewer on the ground and there’s mass competition for jobs that are advertised. Being a resident of sunny Manchester pretty much means that I will seldom get a look in. That isn’t me adopting a negative attitude (at least not wittingly) but it is me realising that I am competing against at least 300 other applicants for every position I apply for! We are under more pressure than ever to make our CV’s – the first point of contact – stand to attention to get to interview stage, at least.

This is a situation I have found myself in several times. Constantly amending my current CV to make it look worthy of at least being looked through by potential employers. There is a lot of CV writing ‘rules’ that have become clichéd advice that many of us have tried to adhere to, no matter how ridiculous they fundamentally are! Here are a few:

Your CV shouldn’t be more than 2 pages long: Some career advisors think that this is a hard and fast rule for everyone whether you are a school-leaver or a senior executive near the top of your chosen career-ladder. The more work-experience you have, the more this is going to be a restriction. The only way to include all your relevant information is to decrease your font size to 1pt! But this is a rule of thumb and it should be judged entirely on the quality of the content in your CV. It is fine for your CV to be 3 or 4 long if the information in it is relevant to the position you are applying for.
‘Reasons for leaving’ must be included in your employment history: Not true! There isn’t any need to do the dirty laundry if it hasn’t been seen! Your CV is supposed to be a positive portrayal of yourself and the skills that you have obtained from various experiences that could help you to perform your next job well. Information on why you left previous positions is peripheral information that is sometimes requested in application forms and interviews. When prompted, explain your reasons carefully. It’s not a good idea to say that you left your last job because your manager kept giving you a hard time due their impartiality to you turning up to work in speedos and nothing else!
References must be included: This isn’t true. This is personal contact information that shouldn’t be made available unless the employer is considering employing you! A standard line to put in your CV, possibly at the end, is “references available on request”.

Something to remember about CV templates

There are a lot of generic templates littering up cyber-space, and prospective employers are wise to this. It is easy to spot the crossover in narrative voices in your CV writing where you weave in your own annotations of your occupational or educational information into the text in the sample document that you are working from. This gives your CV a dual persona that employers can pick up upon. The sample document is there as a guideline; not as an almost finished CV that you can ad-lib to. If it looks like you haven’t made any effort with your CV writing then you may come across as unconfident, or worse; incompetent.

So if you’re bogged down with the whole CV writing agenda, it would be a good move to AppleCopywriting Ltd compile your CV for you. All you need to do is give some of your education and employment history and the rest will be done for you in a way that will engage prospective employers!

Unhealthy Rituals for Essay Writers!

Anyone that has spent time at college or university will have encountered some unhealthy rituals when it comes to essay writing and meeting the deadline. These include mantras that we kid ourselves with amongst other things.

“I’ve got plenty of time…” No you haven’t. You just wish you had. When you are first handed your brief it can initially be overwhelming and it’s easy to comfort yourself with the ‘fact’ that time is on your side. It is best to throw yourself in the deep end straight away. The longer you leave it the more distance you get from your project and you will become more alienated from it.
“I’ll get it all done tonight…” You might actually achieve that, but now you know what sort of night you have got ahead of you, are you looking forward to it? I discovered (eventually) that I much more enjoyed the leisurely stroll through my essay writing project because you get plenty of time to take it all in and enjoy the scenery. You can’t enjoy the scenery when you are sprinting from A to Z…and what sort of job are you going to make of it? If it is rushed it won’t be the best piece of work you can turn out.
“My packet of pro-plus will keep me awake…” It does that, but it doesn’t really optimise your performance that much. Therefore time is not going to go slower because you are awake to endure it! It may stop you falling asleep at your computer though. And it may give you the jitters. Another bonus.
“My bibliography won’t take me long…” You think so? Not if you only have one quote perhaps. I discovered that this takes me longer than it does to write a few chapters! Especially if you have lost some of the website or book information on where you got the quotes from. If its book information that you need to retrieve, then it involves a physical re-visit to the library to find the page numbers and ISBN number.
“I’ll only lose 10% off my marks if I hand it in a week late…” All marks are contributed to your grade at the end of the course so 10% is actually quite a big chunk of marks that you will miss; and it could be the difference between you attaining a 2;2 and a 2;1.
“My printer doesn’t work. My lecturer will accept my essay if I transfer it onto a pen drive / disc…”
This is usually at the lecturer’s discretion. When I was at university, it was a no-no due to incompatibility issues and perhaps transmission of viruses.

So to summarise the points above in positive actions

Make use of your time. Create a timetable so you can assign time to your essay writing project.
You can never start too early. Then you can give yourself the luxury of doing small amounts every time. The longer you leave it, the more of a writing marathon you will have to run!
Coffee and food is all you need to sustain yourself and keep you focussed
Try and dedicate a few days to your bibliography. Any lost information can be regained without a mad panic to the library in the morning immediately prior to submission!
If your essay writing is a great skill of yours it would be a shame to waste marks just for the luxury of a later deadline. And if it isn’t your strongest skill, you can’t afford that 10%.
If your printer is on the brink, then make sure you finish it the previous day, save it to pen drive then print it at university.

So unless you are impervious to bad habits that have plagued most students, don’t get bogged down with essay writing. It can get in the way of your project work on your course. We can help!

Go for a journey in your own head!

Here is a really cheap travel option for those of you whose passports have expired! Go for little walk round inside your own mind! Or you could just go to the Lake District for the weekend. That’s cheap too. But a journey in your own head is cheaper! Free in fact!

The Astral Plane Is a Park Of Joy!

I have had some really vivid dreams in my time. I have had dreams that have inspired much retrospective thoughts and musings. I once had a dream that a flamingo got stuck in my eye and I was running all over town asking for assistance to help me excavate said flamingo form said eye! I then dreamt that I awoke from that dream, breathing a huge sigh of relief that the dream was over…then I looked at the bottom of my bed to find that flamingo twitching on an ASDA carrier bag! I don’t even shop in ASDA!

I tend not to pre-occupy myself with dream definitions, as they all contradict themselves. To dream of a flamingo has varied meanings from feeling like you are a part of your community to wanting to decorate your house! The definitions are never specific either. “To dream of having a flamingo embedded in your eye socket…” is never listed! I appreciate dreams for what I feel they are. Wonderful limitless discoveries of your pretty astral mind!

Astral travel writing

The world you inhabit when you asleep is every bit as real as the one you inhabit when you are awake. It just isn’t physical. It’s worthy to keep a dream diary to describe where you have travelled to. Travel writing draws upon experiences, sights, sounds, landscapes, cityscapes and encounters with people in destinations that the traveler / writer has been to. All of these categories of experience are present in dreams. You visit wild technicolour or dark somber places, meet people that you haven’t seen since childhood, have wacky meetings with a hen dressed in leather hot pants (well you might do, if you’re lucky!)

The places you have travelled to (in reality) live on in your memories for a very long time, and they sometimes feature in dreams in a slightly distorted and skewed way but just as, if not, more magical as this place is unrestricted by physical limitations

I have been ‘astral travel writing’ for a while now. In the last year or so, I have kept a visual dream diary where I have created comic-strips from my travels! Most of my dreams are like David Lynch films where oddities are frequent, for example, extreme close-ups, loud clattering noises from the cascading of inconsequential objects, faces with loud garish ravine-carved make-up which paves the path for unexplained fear-infused sweat! Visuals as well as dialogue could only do dreams like this justice!

The significance of dreams

Carl Jung has widely documented the significance of dreams and the role they play in your waking life. They can reveal suppressed thoughts, feelings and solutions that the dreamer possibly unwittingly tries to repel from their conscious mind. The conscious mind is only the learned, cultured part of yourself that you present to others. This part of yourself is also somewhat controlled by you. This part of yourself is labeled by Jung as ‘The Ego’. The unconditioned uncontrolled part of yourself is what you are presented with in your sleep; Labeled as ‘The Shadow’. Jung often talked of the therapeutic benefits of reconciling the ego and the shadow to make you a ‘whole person’.

Add a new dimension to your travel writing. If you haven’t been away this year yet, try keeping a log of your dreams. You can explore far-flung places without leaving the land of nod!

Contemporary Poets; Forever Consigned To Open-Mic Nights?

I am a poet but sometimes I almost feel like I am not. It feels like that there is never any demand for contemporary poets. Because there is no demand, the need is never urgent for me to ‘supply’!  It isn’t a marketable commodity. The playful shifting around of words to evoke thought, feelings, a sense of place,  the absence of place, the evaporation of time, the containment of time, the ‘now’, the ‘then’, the crawling in the dirt for fossils which uphold meaning, the ruining of the vacant space, empty objects replace…yeah so as I was saying; who needs this?!

The current contexts for interest

Yourself. It keeps you healthy and inspired to keep writing. Like a plant, the more you feed it the more it will grow. The more ideas you actually pay attention to, the more that they will inspire more spin-off trains of thought.
Study material for English and literature courses. It’s quite often that a person’s life is celebrated and revered more when they are dead. This isn’t truer for any other profession than for poets.
Blog writing / blog management: If you have your own flag in the sand in cyberspace, blog writing is imperative.  Although poetic content is not always appropriate, you can still tell a story or share an insight with the rest of us cyberspace-cadets. This not only engages people that are looking for poetic blog writing, but the keywords will make your site optimised for viewing on the web. This is probably the most lucrative use of your gift of stringing words together.
Song writing. Whatever is written can be said. Whatever is said can be sung. Whatever is sung can be accompanied by guitars. Lots of. Then this will add another string to your blog writing bow. Another creative format of yours for people to encounter.
Open-mic nights. This is great experience for people that want to perform their poetry live… We attend the scheduled nights at the local pub situated on streets lined with puke, infused with glittering shards of broken glass. For a nano-second, you think you can see the moonlight reflected in the shards, or it could be the headlights from the taxi that has come to collect the sickly waif.
Is this the audience for my voice? Will I even get a voice or will it be submerged in a turbulent tide of hostile jibes competing for that raised bit of floor?

So which poets immerse themselves in blog writing?

“All I want to do is go…let the wind blow right through…by the Trailways depot”
(Tom Clarke – Beyond The Pale)

His stunning mix of old-style descriptions and contemporary references provides a stark juxtaposition of old and new, whilst uniting the feeling that a yearn for escapism is timeless

“Wings wipe the sky…see the years fly. Feathers brushing against my face…”
(Joannie Stangland – Self-Portait with Crows)

She uses words to paint pictures which depict desolate countryside scenes, and uses the scene to draw connections to the passage of time.

“…a flute for the wind’s mouth, who comes with a breath of ice…”
(Judith Wright – The Old Prison)

She has a great way of using anthropomorphic personification for phenomena that is natural but not ‘alive’. When poets do this it gives that phenomena (in this case, the wind) life and makes us feel synonymous with it.

“…in books there are no words…in the academy there are only recordings…in the eyes only distance…”
(Jorge Carrera Andrid – Nothing)

This poem is like a harrowing post-apocalyptic vision where only emptiness remains, and indexical signs – reminders of what was once here!

If you are a struggling poet that feels like there is no avenue or platform to express your poetry except at Open-Mic nights, then try blog writing where you can share your poems, insights and stories with the rest of us!

Uuuh…Ghost writing is writing about ghosts. Right?

Given the task to write about ghost writing I was pretty excited. I though “Yay! I get to write about ghosts! Yippee!” So I was going to waffle about the nature of the soul being the only eternal essence of yourself, and how that lingers in the physical world posthumously, and inspires these ‘writers’ to write fiction and non-fiction about such events using language that is infused with tension and suspense! Oh, and then I was going to think about (write about too, perhaps) what Caspar has to teach us about ghosts! Then a major clanger was dropped…I became informed that actually, ghost writing has nothing at all to do with ghosts, and that the term is used to define the absence of the writer in the credit list in autobiographies, stories and the like! Oh, ok then. I can work with that…

New strategy…

So I spent several years mourning the loss of a silly opportunity to waffle about cartoon ghosts and I felt in the creative wilderness! I was now at a loss of something to write. Maybe I should employ a ghost writer to help me out here! It was so much better when I thought I knew what ghost writing was. Ignorance really is bliss!

I would also like a ghost writer for other reasons. I am an artist and I am in the midst of constructing my website, writing separate web-pages that explain each facet of my practice. It’s true that every person is an expert on themselves, but when you have been involved in a domain for so long, it’s easy to lose sight of what your initial ‘mission statement’ was and how that has developed! A ghost writer with all the necessary organisational skills and writing skills would be able to gather information about my practice as well as annotate each painting and piece of sculpture with some objective visual analysis of my work, and to top it all off, I get the credit for writing the content!

The Advantages of Ghost-Writing as a Career-Move

If you treasure the feeling of anonymity whilst being creative being a ghost writer is great! You can fly under the radar of mass publicity. Some of us just want to do our job without any of the superficial unnecessary schmaltz associated with being renowned!
It is easier to land ghost writer jobs. There are always people wanting help with their publications or projects. It is easier to help someone with their project than entirely manage your own.
It is good practice to gain experience as a ghost writer. This experience is transferable to future freelance writing ventures or if you want to develop the confidence you need to write your own book.

Advantages to hiring a ghost writer?

There is more time to concentrate on marketing your book. You can focus on interviews,
And generating publicity whilst your writer is incubating and growing your literary baby!

Ghost-writers will initially spend a lot of time with you in the preparatory stages of the project, getting to know your anecdotal style. Ghost writers have the adaptable traits to make their work sound like it is written in your voice.
You stand a better chance of getting published if you hire a good ghost writer.
Hire a ghost writer to help you develop your content and expand upon your literary ideas, and still be recognised as the author of your work! We have the organisational skills and writing skills that you don’t need. All you need are your ideas and you’re good to go! There really is nothing to lose!

Cowboy Proof Readers Big Mistakes

Learning from Other’s Mishaps

Proofreading is a skill that you can learn.  However it will help if you have a natural aptitude for accuracy and attention to detail.  You can proofread your own writing and this will help you to spot errors and mistakes.  However if you want 100% accuracy then it does pay to use professional proofreading services.  These services will provide experienced expert proof readers who will be able to spot mistakes in grammar and spelling.

Press Releases

One area you can’t afford to make mistakes is in press release writing.  If you are going to be writing you own press releases then proofreading is paramount.  You don’t want to send out press releases that contain silly mistakes.  These will lessen the impact of the message you are trying to convey and will look very unprofessional to your readers and potential customers.

You can learn a lot about how to proofread properly by looking at the mistakes that others make.  There are many cowboy proof readers out there who claim to provide an ‘expert’ service.  However many of these proof readers are no real experts and cannot guarantee accuracy.  By learning from these common cowboy proof reader mistakes you can learn how to be a better proof reader and take care of your own editing in future.

1.  Lack of Focus and Concentration

One of the basic mistakes people make when proofreading is failing to focus on the task in hand.  Proofreading takes a lot of concentration and if there are any distractions in the background it can be too easy to miss small mistakes.  When I am proofreading my press releases I make sure I avoid any distractions (incoming emails, television, music etc.) and take the work into a quiet room.  I then focus just on the task in hand until I have finished.

2. Proofreading Onscreen Only

I don’t know why but I find it much easier to spot mistakes when I read a paper copy of my press releases.  If I proofread on the screen I invariably miss a few minor errors.  All the other writers I have talked to have also found this to be true.  Cowboy proof readers rushing through piles of work would be unlikely to take the time to print off pages and read them through in hard copy.  This can be a big mistake though and could cost you in terms of accuracy.

3. Using Spell Check Only

Spell check is great and it can help you to pick up obvious errors with spelling and grammar.  However spell check won’t be able to tell you when a sentence is awkward or clunky or whether it makes sense.   Too many cowboy proof readers only use spell check and don’t take the time to really read through the work.  In my experience this is that only way you can really be sure the press release, blog, article etc. you are writing reads properly and makes sense.

4. Lack of Practical reading Experience

If you want to be a great editor then you need to be an experienced reader.  It doesn’t matter if you read novels, non-fiction, magazines or online blogs.  All reading is practical experience helping you to learn how the written word works.  If you have good experience in reading you will be able to see at a glance if there are any obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.  You will also get more of a feel for how sentences work and how you can make your work appealing and informative to readers.

Proofreading is a skill that you can develop for yourself.  You can learn from the mistakes of others and become a great editor for your article, website, blog and press release writing.

Phantom Writers – Become the Ghost in the Machine

Finding a Career in Writing that Pays

There are lots of great writers out there.  However only a very few of these talented bunch actually make their name in the field of writing.  I tried many times to get publishers interested in my work.  Despite a few positive enquiries on the whole most publishers where not interested.  Not because my writing was bad but because they didn’t take risks on unknown authors.

Well despite the frustration of it all I can certainly see their point of view.  Publishing is a business after all and I would be reluctant myself to take a chance on a long-shot.  Money is tight these days for everyone so becoming an author is by no means an easy feat.

Ghost Writing

Where does this leave would-be writers though?  Of course you should still write and develop your skill.  Submitting work to publishers is a rite of passage and you never know when you might get a lucky break.  In the meantime you should consider other avenues where you can actually make your writing pay.

I got interested in ghost writing after I applied for a job on a freelance writers website.
Basically someone had a great idea for a non-fiction book but did not have the writing skills to put it onto paper.
Although non-fiction was not my usual thing I did have an excellent background in freelance copywriting and a degree in English.
After submitted a sample draft of the first chapter the client got back to me and offered me the job of writing the whole book.
Ghost writing means you write under another person’s name.  This does mean of course that no one will know the work is yours which can be a tricky concept to deal with.
However as I was writing in non-fiction I was happy with this.  The work would not be my creative ‘baby’ and so I was fine with someone else taking the credit.
In my case the client was already known in their field and had been advised by their agent the time was right for a book.
The non-fiction idea was based on their expertise in a certain field (I can’t give you any more clues!).
They provided me with extensive data to work from including their own outline of what they wanted to achieve.
The most difficult part of ghost writing the book was getting the style and tone right.  I was writing as someone else and needed to produce something that they could be happy putting their name to.
There were numerous re-writes that I felt were unnecessary and in fact made the writing worse from my point of view.
However I had to consider the client and so it was their choice at the end of the day!
This book turned out to be a lengthy but financially and creatively rewarding project.  It also gave me lots of experience that helped to improve my own writing for the future.
Getting Started with Ghost Writing

If you are considering expanding your skill base by becoming a ghost writer then here are a few tips to get you started:

Develop You Skill – you need to be an excellent writer with flawless English grammar and punctuation skills.  It is important you develop your own abilities so that you can present clients with the experience and skills their need for their projects.  Practise writing as much as you can and take as many writing jobs as possible to build up your portfolio.
Commit Yourself to Projects – deadlines can be important in any writing job.  If you let down the client on a deadline then all the work you have put in so far could be wasted.  To make money in ghost writing you need to commit yourself to projects and meet deadlines.
Communicate with Clients – communication is everything when ghost writing.  Make yourself available to the client and respond to their queries and concerns as quickly as possible.
Ghost writing can be an excellent way to transform your creative writing skills into a career.  This can provide you with a way to make money from writing in a competitive market place.

The Jedi’s Guide to Mind Bending Online Marketing

Persuasion and the Art of Mind Control

If there was one superpower I would like to suddenly wake up with it would be Jedi mind control.  This has got to be one of the coolest mystical powers in the world of film and it’s all about the Jedi Mind Trick.  According to the world of Star Wars this impressive trick ensures that you can influence and control other people’s minds and make them do what you want.  This would be a very handy trick to have to make your business a raging success overnight!

The Way of the Jedi

I am not the only person in the world a little bit obsessed with Star Wars.  However if you are not a fellow Lucas fan then here is a quick overview to the way of the Jedi:

Basically in Star Ways Jedi knights are trained to use the ‘Force’.  This is described as a powerful energy field that surrounds all living things in the galaxy and ties them together.
By learning to tap into this energy Jedi knights can influence the world around them in a number of superhuman ways.
For example in the Revenge of the Sith everyone’s favourite Jedi Master Yoda uses the Force to lift a huge platform by telekinesis.
The Force can be used to provide Jedi knights and masters with superior powers including telekinesis, levitation, precognition, hypnosis, telepathy and enhanced strength and speed. How cool is that!
Jedi Mind Control

However you don’t have to be a Jedi to influence and control the actions of others.  If you understand people and what motivates them to spend their money you can exert a significant amount of influence onto their purchasing choices.

If you do run your own online business then it is important to do some research into marketing.  To help you understand what you are trying to achieve it is a good idea to learn the various marketing techniques available and how they can influence others.   Here is my quick Jedi-influenced guide to mind-bending online marketing.

1. Use Your Power for Good!

The essence of the Jedi way is to use power for peaceful purposes.  You don’t want to be straying over to the dark side with overly aggressive selling techniques.

Consumers these days are very sophisticated.  Hard-sell tactics can be far too obvious and will put many people off your product.
This means if your website or online marketing is too aggressive you could be losing customers rather than gaining them.
Opt for subtle marketing messages that tell your customers what they need to hear without shouting it in their face.
For example instead of telling customers how fantastic your business is tell them how you could benefit them instead.
Show them how their purchase will enrich their lives.
2. Believe in Your Business

In order to persuade someone to buy your products or services you need to have a passion for your business. You need to believe in what you do.  People who are passionate about their business are much better at selling as they can present a very genuine and believable ‘front’ to their marketing.  This can help to convince people to buy very effectively and no Jedi Mind Tricks are required.

3. Get help from a Master

If you are a Jedi knight in training (or trying to learn more about marketing) then it will help to get expert advice from a master.  A professional copywriting team can provide some excellent examples of powerful selling techniques and content for your online business.  This can really help to give your business a boost and help you to become a master to.

Successful online marketing is about finding powerful ways to influence and control others.  You don’t have to be a Jedi master like Yoda to reach out to customers and encourage them to buy.  With powerful marketing techniques you too can learn the art of persuasive and mind control.

Pride and Persuasion – Learn Sales Tips from Jane Austin

Pride Purchases and the Art of Persuasion

Jane Austen knew all about pride and persuasion.  This world famous author wrote many books on these two subjects and how they affected people’s lives for the better or worse.  It struck me the other day just how relevant these two motivators still are in modern times and how much they can relate to consumerism.

If you are selling a product or service online then you need to understand the psychological motivators that drive sales.  The real truth of modern living is that the vast majority of things for sale are unnecessary to basic living.  This means that people are buying things they don’t actually need to survive.  So the questions you need to ask yourself is why do people buy and how can you take advantage of this for your online business.

Pride Purchases

The basic fact of the matter is that many people buy things because they think they represent the lifestyle they live now or one they aspire to.  So many purchases are in fact pride purchase.  The desire to obtain objects that have perceived value is very strong and is a powerful motivator for purchasing.

Jane Austen often wrote about the power of pride and how it could motivate people to take actions that were sometimes against their best interests.
In ‘Pride and Prejudice’ both Darcy and Elizabeth are guilty of the sin of pride.  Elizabeth is angered when Darcy proposes to her despite his ‘sense of her inferiority’ and in her prideful anger she spurns the man she has come to love. If pride can get in the way of true love then it truly is a force to be reckoned with!
It is important you understand how pride can motivate consumers and encourage them to buy things they perhaps don’t really need.
If you want to tap into pride purchasing power then you need to show just how your products can enrich the lives of consumers and help them to achieve the kind of lifestyle their aspire too.

Sales is all about persuasion.  When I am promoting a product on my website I am trying to persuade people to buy it.  There are many ways in which I can do this and the whole field of marketing is focused on the art of persuasion.

In Jane Austen’s book ‘Persuasion’ the heroine Anne Elliot is persuaded by her trusted godmother not to marry the young man (Frederick Wentworth) she has fallen in love with.
Lady Russell points out all the benefits for not marrying Frederick and makes Anne see how much better her life could be if she married a man from her own class and situation.
However as we see from the book this decision is not in Anne’s best interest and in fact she remains single and alone until a chance meeting years later brings her back to Frederick.
The point is that Lady Russell persuaded Anne to avoid the marriage not with brute force or threats but by making sure she understood how she could benefit from choosing another man over Frederick.
This is a powerful tactic that worked even when true love was involved.  Just think how powerful this could be for your marketing campaigns!
When you persuade someone to buy something you should be showing them all the great reasons why they cannot afford not to buy.
What I have found very successful in press release writing and other sales literature is informing  the potential customers just how the product can benefit them (by giving examples) instead of just telling them how good the product is.
This powerful form of persuasion can be so much more effective than ‘in your face’ marketing and sales tactics.
As you can see pride and persuasion are still powerful motivators now just as they were in Jane Austin’s time.  By learning how to use these to your advantage you can improve your marketing campaigns and boost your sales.

Stop Dreaming Start Achieving – Get the Job You Really Want!

Professional CV Writing Works

I know just how tough finding a job can be these days.  The jobs market is saturated with people looking for a new job and this means competition for even basic positions can be tough.   If you want to get ahead in the jobs market then there you need to stand out from the crowd.

Develop Your Skills

It is essential that you have the right skills and experience for the type of job you want to get.  Remember that there could be some very good candidates applying for the same position so you do need to be able to compete with this and appeal to the potential employee.

I had a degree qualification in the area I wanted to work and over seven years’ worth of experience.
However despite my experience at management level I realised that I could not provide any qualifications to back this up.
The positions I was applying for demanded quality candidates with managerial experience and qualifications.
I invested in a basic online management course and whilst I was looking for the right job I worked on this.
It took just 6 months to pass the necessary coursework and online exams and I had a certificate to show that I had formal management training.
Once I was able to add this to my c.v I saw a significant increase in the responses I was getting to job positions.
I reapplied for a job that I had previously failed to get through the initial selection process.  This time though I was invited to interview.
You should consider investing in some additional training to provide you with essential skills for the type of jobs you are applying for.
Online courses provide easy access to a wide range of qualifications that you can complete from home.
This includes all kinds of courses from NVQs through to Masters Degrees in a range of subjects including architecture, construction, human resources, teaching and more.
These can be provided by some very respected schools and learning centres around the UK.
This means you will not have to go back to college to brush up on your skills and get more training for the job you want.
Selling Your Skills

After a few disappointments I went back to the drawing board when it came to finding a job.  I had some good skills and experience that I knew where ideal for the field I wanted to work in, however I wasn’t even making it to the interview stage.  I decided to get more professional advice when it came to my c.v and cover letter.

Don’t forget your c.v and cover letter will be the very first introduction to your potential employer.
It is essential that these are making a good impression and really selling your skills and experience to those on the selection panel.
When I looked at my c.v and cover letter I realised they were very bland.  They would certainly not stand out from all the others likely received by the employer.
I invested some time and money into researching c.v writing and trying to find new angles to present my skills and experience.
I knew I had what it took to excel at the position advertised but I needed to communicate this more effectively to the selection panel.
One of the best things I did as part of my new approach to looking for the perfect job was to get expert writers to overhaul my c.v and cover letter.
Professional c.v writing experts will know exactly how to present your skills, experience and personality in the best way to attract potential employers.